Blazing a trail to your computer solutions

Blazing a trail to your computer solutions

Blazing a trail to your computer solutionsBlazing a trail to your computer solutions

About Us Home School Help desk Services


Our Services

  • Fix Internet connections
  • Optimize & Tune Up units
  • Upgrades to Operating System 
  • Wireless Printers installed
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Software issues resolved
  • Software Training
  •          o MS Office 365
  •          o Photoshop
  • Backup & Restore Hard Drives 


Our Commitment

  • Experienced Professional
  •       o Over 20 years hands-on
  • Trustworthy Explanations
  •       o WHY it may need replacing
  • Written response on all work
  •      o Hours - Hardware $$ Software $$
  • Dependable Services
  • Followups on all Training Sessions work included


We Provide  Home School HELP-DESK Services!

  We create REMOTE sessions or come to your location to solve your computer’s Hardware issues. We provided Training for Spreadsheets, Databases, Graphics, Photo Editing and much more. 


We Provide onsite Computer Hardware upgrades and Software training!


Diagnosing your Device(s)


We diagnose your systems and provide you with the BEST Options of repairs and/or upgrades to keep unit working.  We will attempt to FIX your computer before recommending any replacements. We believe coming to your environment makes the most sense to restore functions to your needs.

Virus & Spyware Removal


Our priorities are cleaning your systems from malicious software, spyware and whatever slows performance. We recommend BACKUPs as often as once a week minimum.  We can copy over Pictures; Documents;  and Financial Records to an external Hard Drive on regular intervals.